#8102 - Injection Molding Press Engel ES200/55

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Area: Montréal
Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
Availability date: Now
Frequency: Once
Packaging: No packaging


Brand  Engel
Model  ES200/55
Serial number  5513-055-92
Manufacture Year  1992
System of measurement US Metric
Screw diameter  in  mm
Injection volume  oz  g
Injection capacity  oz  g
Injection pressure  psi  kg/cm2
Tonnage  tons  tons
Distance between tie bars  in  mm
Platen size  in  mm
Minimum mold height  in  mm
Maximum mold height  in  mm
Clamp stroke  in  mm
Daylight  in  mm
Air blow  
Core pull  
Controls  EC88/CC90A02
Voltage  575V Motors / Heaters
Dimensions  in  mm