#8918 - Zeolite - Traction Aid

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Area: Capitale-Nationale
Quantity: 100 Tonne(s)
Availability date: Now
Frequency: Monthly
Packaging: Bag
MSDS Zeolite.pdf


Traction Aid
Zeolite offers superior traction, environmental sustainability, soil benefits, and safety
-40 and -14X40 mesh products.
The advantages of using Zeolite as a traction sand replacement are:
  1. Enhanced traction on ice and snow due to spiny edges and a honeycomb-like structure.
  2. Long-lasting performance without melting away or dissolving like traditional materials.
  3. Environmentally responsible, as it doesn't contaminate soil or groundwater.
  4. Benefits soil by retaining moisture, providing nutrients, and aerating the soil.
  5. Acts as a natural filter, trapping heavy metals and purifying water and air.
  6. Safe for pets and children, non-corrosive, and free from added chemicals.