Inventory management

Facing the new environmental and development challenges that many companies and industries are encountering, it is essential to have the best tools to ensure growth, hence the importance of drones and software analysis of collected data. They help address the needs of various industrial sectors, whether for inspection, control, or monitoring of sensitive or hard-to-reach sites. They also enable the management and measurement of material stocks outdoors, while ensuring personnel safety. This tool, combined with the Second Cycle Inventory Analysis SC(IA) software developed by Second Cycle.

Second Cycle enables you to:
  • Obtain reliable and accurate inventory reports quickly;
  • Automate drone flights to conduct inventories;
  • Benefit from consulting services for the valuation of recycling residual materials and circular economy;
  • Reduce the margin of error in your inventory reports;
  • Recognize different types of materials and associate them with the correct densities and market values.